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You must be 18 years old to use this platform.

1. You understand that by joining you are buying a membership of shared costs services, digital products, videos, audios and any master resale rights included in this website. You also have rights to resell these resale rights only within the platform and all services and products of the shared costs only through the membership sales and will be compensated for your sales as shown on our website.

2. Proof of membership purchase is required. Any account without authorization will be terminated immediately.

3. You agree not to make any claim concerning purchases or sales as it is a membership without refund.

4. You must have a valid email and notify us if your email is changed.

5. In this service we make no warranty expressed or implied.

6. Under no circumstances, including negligence, we or anyone involved in creating, producing or distributing this service, may be directly, indirectly, incidentally, special or consequentially penalized for the result of the use of, or inability to use, this service and all software, but not limited to any information obtained through this service; or inability to use this service and all software, but not limited to any information obtained through this service; or result of an error, omission, interruption, deletion of any file or e-mail, errors, defect, virus, delay in operations or transmissions and in any lack of precondition that is or limited, failure of communication, theft, destruction or access without authorization to our records, program or services.

The following actions may result in immediate termination of your membership:

((a) Sending unsolicited e-mail messages (spam) if you participate in spam through any product or service, you are not eligible!
(b) Posting messages that contain your affiliate link in newsgroups that are not related to those products and services. (sigfile notwithstanding)
(c) Forging your own “forms”.

8. We reserve the right to add or degrade any material on this website, and make changes to services, cost sharing and these bylaws without prior permission.

9. breach of contract. We may terminate the contract without prior notice, at our sole discretion, any member judged in breach of this agreement, found abusing, misusing the service, molesting other members or the administration in any way will be terminated.

10. In an unexpected event that this program terminates its operations, its creator, its operator, employees, signed or successors, will not be blamed for any loss to our members or affiliates. The materials contained in our membership area and made available to all new members in membership, must be fair and in full consideration of their membership payments.

11. Sites and individuals involved in the following activities are NOT ELIGIBLE: selling, providing or linking to content without licenses, pornography, warez, pirated software, hacking, spamming software or any material endorsing violence, hate, racism, victimization, or criminal activity.

12. We make no claim on how much money you can earn with our program. Your ability to win will depend on some factors, including where and when (how many times) you promote, the program, the motivation and the ability of those in your powerlines to make sales. The individual results vary one among others. You will get the cost sharing through your performance by meeting each number of affiliates in your downline.