Life cost sharing

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This is a way to show our affiliate that we care at GFS.

We protect families in case the user is deceased.

Requirements:  pay your monthly membership, have five direct membership sales, accumulate atleast 50 points presented in your cost sharing pages and have one year or more in the 20.00 membership.

Life cost sharing, is a cost share with the affiliates.

How it works?

Your investment of 20.00 a month makes it possible for others to receive this financial support as you can receive it from other in our leverage system.

Send a copy of an official document photo or passport photo of the active member, send document of the beneficiary only spouse and legitimate sons or daughters. It is important that members fill this out in the form page before you can withdraw payments.

To claim cost sharing benefits your family member will write to GFS, scan and send an original letter copy act of dysfunction, and together with other information’s for the company may investigate and approve your payment.

Warning, fraud will not be tolerated and can be punish by an immediate suspension of you GFS account.