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Receive for your monthly payments these products that will be change monthly.

Receive for your monthly payments these products that will be change monthly. Our basic plan (silver) not only sell you these digital educational products but gives you gym reimbursement, of your gym membership payments, and the opportunity to have your own web base business. When someone registers through you, you will receive 10.00 USD from each direct referrals in your GFS business every month, with the exception of your third and fifth referrals from your direct sales. Then you will receive from those third and fifth in your down line perpetually from their fifth and thirds 10.00 commissions every month making this a continually experience and without limits. We reimburse 50% of your GFS monthly payment because of your participation in the gyms that are in our GYM ACTIVE PLAN page in your back office, if your gym is not posted in our page, we welcome all gyms that are legal in their countries and to be part of our platform for their members. just write to us to our email. How do you qualify for gym reimbursement? Just pay your monthly membership and affiliate at least one person To consume our digital monthly products giving them the opportunity to make their business through our GFS platform. Accumulate 12 monthly pay receipt from your gym posted in our gym active plan page send it to GFS, the moment we verify, we will send payments. Note; there is no coverage for inscriptions or annuities. This 20.00 plan comes with reimbursement of life cost sharing with 50 points, educational cost sharing with 300 points and resort/cruise cost sharing three nights for two people with 650 points. Bonus; win a new vehicle with 5,000 point accumulated by the whole down line team, to acquire this bonus you need to have all 4 active memberships before you get to those points. Be part of the team; It is our rule to encourage all of our affiliates to give one of our product in our GFS store to your affiliates as they have five directs sales, because these affiliates are the ones that will catapult your finances in our platform.

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